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    Best way of preparation for SSB?

    what is the best way to preparation for ssb? Please don't attach the name books and papers tell me the actual best way for it.

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    Re: Best way of preparation for SSB?

    >> Books to be referred for SSB Preparation :-

    SSB Interview : The Complete Guide

    NK Natarajan's
    > Publisher : Arihant Publications

    SSB Interviews & Psycho Intelligence Tests
    M. L. Batura
    > Publisher : Ramesh Publishing House

    Study Package for CDS
    Atul Bhardwaj
    > Publisher : Tata McGraw Hill Education Pvt. Ltd.

    CDS Examination : Solved and Practice Papers
    Jha S N
    > Publisher : Upsc Portal
    > All the Best of Luck !

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    Re: Best way of preparation for SSB?

    Dear Friend

    SSB stands for the Service Selection Board.It is conducted after you clear the written test.

    As you can see the what are different stages of SSB ,according to which you can start your preparation.

    The best option for you will be to join any good coaching like :

    1.Disha academy

    2.Minerva academy

    3.Cavalier India.

    4.Baalnoi academy.

    These institutes are run by the persons who have retired from defense and have experience of taking SSB .

    So they will guide you in the best way to prepare for the SSB.

    Hope the information helps you.

    all the best


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    Re: Best way of preparation for SSB?

    Hello ,
    There is no BEST way for preparing for the SSB. It is a very complex procedure with very sharp interviewers who
    inspect the candidates to give the SSB .
    Basically , keep your calm when you go there . You should try and develope a positive frame of mind .
    Never be artificial as they are experts who are there to judge .

    It is a trend that people join coaching centres and various activities for SSB coaching .
    All this is not required if you have the basic nowledge of what is expected out of you .
    • Develope new hobbies and improve your communication skills .
    • Have a good awareness regarding the happenings in the world (current affairs and social issues )
    You can refer to some books as they have a brief description of the tasks and tests which take place .Its always better
    to know what tests will take place before going . Try to see how the writting of stories and sentences are formed .
    Be supportive and mingle with people when you reach there .
    Everything is taken in to account and watched when you reach there so try to get your personality at max when to are there .

    All the best
    Thank you !

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    Re: Best way of preparation for SSB?

    You should Try through Direct Entry (CDS),,, this way you can join Indian Military Academy.

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    Re: Best way of preparation for SSB?


    If you have cleared the exam of NDA or CDS then you will be called for theSSB interview.

    This interview will be of 4-7 days .

    In this interview your mantelness and sharpness will be checked.

    You must have full confidence and also have great knowledge about the Indian military & in your stream.

    if you want to clear SSB with a great confidence then you can join the academy for the prepration of the Interview this will be a great choice for you.

    Or you can see the interview skills from the books.

    Thank you........

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    Re: Best way of preparation for SSB?


    SSB stands fot service selection board.

    there is no best way for preparation.

    but there is some important tips for you;-
    ------know exam pattern very well

    -----follow best books

    -----join any good coaching center

    -----think positive

    ------develop new things and speaking commutation.

    ---read newspaper daily and watch news channel(aaj tak)

    -----share new things with others

    ----never give up

    thank you..............................

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    Re: Best way of preparation for SSB?

    Friend, thorough preparation, sincerity, positive attitude and strong will power is essential in order to crack down the SSB. As SSB is the most crucial and indispensable part of the selection process. No one can join the defence forces without successfully qualifying the SSB.

    Tips to be follow in order to crack the SSB are:
    1. Update yourself with latest national and international events
    2. Update yourself with latest current affairs relating to your home state
    3. Prepare very well regarding to your bio-data
    4. Prepare very well the subjects studied by you in the graduation level.
    5. Prepare for psychological question.
    6. Understand the pattern, way of writing, main theme of picture stories
    7. Always maintain the positive attitude
    8. Always keep yourself from negative thoughts

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    Re: Best way of preparation for SSB?

    You can prepare for SSB from the following books-

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