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    Complete details of joining RAW after 12th?

    This Is Amol Shinde
    From Hisar Maharashtra
    I am under graduate student of 12th sci ...
    & want to be a officer in RAW INDIA
    so plz give me all detail of
    age limit
    and precentage . and all the mainly necceceruary info about Raw

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    Re: Complete details of joining RAW after 12th?


    RAW - Research and Analysis Wing
    In simple words it is the secrete agency department of the Indian Government and It always Keeps eyes on the other countries developments and other actives ,It is Basically secrete department and The other name of the this department is R&AW It works under the the Prime minister Office and It interchanges the information in between the PMO and RAW are highly confidential
    If you are decided to work In the Indian RAW then you have the good opportunity to do something for the Nation but You should not expect the fame and name here in this duty all the works and persons behind all the works kept secrete
    This RAW job is not offered the job directly ,this department intake the candidates from the various departments like Police,Intelligence Bureau, Armed forces ,administrative services
    But now a days the candidates will be selected from the college too by upsc exam


    Director In RAW

    For this job most of the opportunity for the IPS (Indian Police Service) candidates and also Grade A candidates who are currently working in the grade a departments like Armed forces and Intelligence departments are likely to get the job as director ,There are some other jobs in this cadre are Additional director,Joint director etc..

    Field Officer Jobs

    The main work in the RAW is carried by this officers and all the real secrete work is done by this persons only and various posts under this cadre are
    Senior field officer
    Field officer
    Deputy officer
    Assistant officer

    Analyst Level

    The Analyst play a great role in the Organisation and Various posts under this cadre are
    Central intelligence officer
    Junior intelligence officer
    Asst. Central intelligence officer
    For this cadre also the candidates are taken from the Police and Armed forces etc..

    Experts in Various Fields

    This department for those candidates who have the extra talent like Computer hacking skills and good hand writing and also other skills which is more scope in the RAW field If you have the such type of the extraordinary talent you can not directly selected in the RAW you have to prove in the other fields
    But Now a days the candidates are selecting directly

    The age limit for this RAW jobs are 18-25 years in some cases it is increased up to the 35 years also it all depends on the the category of the job in which you are applying

    Thank You.

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    Re: Complete details of joining RAW after 12th?

    Friend, there is no any prescribed educational qualification in order to inducted in RAW. Here it required that candidate should have analytical brain, logical thinking, keen observatory power, alertness of mind, ability to adaptibility to circumstances, ability to work for long hours, ability to travel mostly etc. RAW generally comes under minstry of defence and it never makes any direct recruitment. Suitable candidate are only searched in military and paramilitary forces who have brilliant performance & excellent service record. Finally selected have to undergo severe tough training. WISH YOUR BRIGHT FUTURE

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    Re: Complete details of joining RAW after 12th?

    Friend i do not have much idea but according to me you must have a graduate with minimum 60% and good physical health and good visible with 6/6 and have cooperation and age between 19 to 24 itseems

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    Re: Complete details of joining RAW after 12th?

    Hlo; im randhir singh want to join raw .im12th pass
    in commerce good in sports and always love to find
    out secrets .i have potential to be a raw agent .

    So send me details regarding entering in raw .

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