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    Eligibility for Army, Navy or Air Force having eyesight of -0.25 and -0.75?

    i am interested to get into NDA AIR FORCE WING . please tell me, am i eligible for army, navy, air force? my eyesight is - 0.25 and -0.75 am I elegible for nda?

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    Re: Eligibility for Army, Navy or Air Force having eyesight of -0.25 and -0.75?

    hello my dear friend...

    the eligibility for n.d.a. Are:

    1.indian citizen
    2.75% marks in you 12 class (p.c.m)
    3.height 160 cm
    4.no police records


    so i am very
    sorry to say that you are not eligible for n.d.a. But don't worry

    you can apply for c.d.s after your graduation up to then you can work on your eyes and make them better

    best of luck for your future

    happy to help you...............

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    Re: Eligibility for Army, Navy or Air Force having eyesight of -0.25 and -0.75?


    The requirements for the NDA are standard your eye sight should be Normal and you should not have physical defects because it will cause for the rejection so try give the more Importance on the requirement conditions

    *You should have the Normal eyesight of the 6/6 and your should not facing any type of the defects it will also cause for the rejection
    *Your height should be minimum 157cm above it eligible but below this height it is not eligible for the exam and you should have any type of diseases and all your body functions should be Normal
    *You have to fit in the physical conditions If they provide you any type of the tasks at the time of the training you have to complete the task accurate it will make benefit for getting the job

    The other conditions are the You have to complete the +12 and have the minimum of the 55% in the board examination If you want to take the course in the NAVAL academy then you have to complete the +12 with Maths and the Physics and also total aggregate of 55%

    The NDA has three main wings called
    *Air force

    If have good score in the written exam then you are eligible to apply for the all the three wings based on the performance in the written exam and also in the merit list you will be selected

    The selected candidates will be called for the Interview the Interview is conducted in the three different centers


    The SSB officers will conduct the different type of the tasks to test the candidates the candidates which recommended are send for the next test and those do not select are sent back

    Thank you

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