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    Future scope in Indian Army based on sixth pay commission?

    I want to knw what is the future in army? Discuss the matter based on the 6th commission of pay...

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    Re: Future scope in Indian Army based on sixth pay commission?

    You must specify on what base you want to discusth pay future scope in INDIAN ARMY of sixth pay commission.

    Before starting any discussion following are the details everybody must be knowing to start discussion over this topic:

    >Pay commission in ARMY renew the pay grades of all the ranks after every 5 years.

    >This all is done so that all the army personnels and their family can match the living standards of MODERN CIVILISATION.

    >As in each sector of employment pay is increased,so is the case of indianarmy.

    More I would like to say is that with coming up of 6th pay commission their is significant hike in the pay of defense personels,
    hence more and more YOUNG LEADERS are being attracted towards INDIAN ARMY.


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    Re: Future scope in Indian Army based on sixth pay commission?

    dear friend,

    after 6th pay commission there will be increase in number of candidates applying for defence.

    >>before 6th pay commission defence faced the problem of less number of candidates applying in defence sector due to less pay .

    >>but now with the increase in pay,young generation are getting attracted towards defence area.

    >>so with more number of candidates applying,indian army would be able to cover the requirement of officers in defence.

    good luck...

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