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    How can I prepare for the interview to join Indian Army?

    i m persuing b.tech
    and recently i had faced interview in a college in front of indian army major and colonel.
    i m not so prepared for this.there is lack of confidence nd speaking in english.
    how can i improve myself towards these two to join Indian Army?????????

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    Re: How can I prepare for the interview to join Indian Army?


    friend once you clear the written exam,then there is no more difficulties except in training time.

    interview is just an interaction between you and the senior officers.

    first thing you must be confident of your answer,good in gk,history,current issues.able to give a brief introduction about you.

    first and utmost question they will ask,why you think you are eligible for this post."

    you should be straight and upto to the answer.there will be group discussion,picture answering.

    you should not keep yourself tensed and confused.as ones face tells ones inner feelings.

    good luck

    thank you

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    Re: How can I prepare for the interview to join Indian Army?

    Confidence and Communication skills are required for every interview in this world and not just Army.Communication skill as you say spoken english it can be learnt from books,newspapers etc but no one can bring out your confidence other than you.There is nothing to be afraid of the interviewer as they always try to keep you relaxed during interview.Confidence will come once you stop thinking yourself as a weak candidate.Even if you do not know english,that is nothin heinous as you might assume.This hampers the confidence in most of the candidates.Learn spoken english either by speaking in front of your friends,parents,mirror without the hesitation of being pointed out that you are wrong or something.Or you can spend money and enroll for english speaking courses.

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    Re: How can I prepare for the interview to join Indian Army?


    In the Interview you will face the many of the tests. So you have to clear all the tests in the selection .

    # Psychological tests
    # Personal Interview
    # Group Discussion
    # Intelligence Test
    # Thematic Appreciation
    # Picture Perception etc.

    The candidates can get coaching from the good institute . Many of the Institutes are present to for the SSB Interview coaching so you can get good coaching

    Or You can refer good books for the SSB Interview.

    >> In order to improve English communication skills you have to practice daily
    >> Watch the videos which give you lot of the confidence
    >> Take the help from the seniors who have already experienced or successes

    You can get periodic Notification of the exam in the official website of the UPSC and also leading websites.

    The exam Notification is usually published employment news papers and also daily leading news papers

    Thank You.

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    Re: How can I prepare for the interview to join Indian Army?

    First you will have to clear the written exam and after that you will called for the Interview.
    In interview you must have self confidence and sweet smile on your face.
    Your communication skills must be very good.
    Your speaking and listening skill of English language must be very good it will effect very much in your interview.
    Try to speak English with everyone and try to speak the difficult words clearly this will improve your English speaking skills.

    Thank you.

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    Re: How can I prepare for the interview to join Indian Army?

    Friend, in order to get entry into Indian Army, interview is an indispensable and crucial part of recruitment process. Candidate is required to make concrete strategy and proper planning for interview. Following tips must be kept in mind in the preparation of Interview which are:# Candidate must be in the state of postivity. There must be reflection of positive attitude and seriousness in the behaviour of candidate.# Candidate must be well prepared for questions pertaining to his bio-data, family background and native State.# Candidate may faced the questions on his school/college/university.# Candidate must be well prepared on questions on subjects taken at school level and degree level.# Candidate also required to be ready for questions regarding current affairs such as issues of national and international level.# Preparation on questions over defence deals, defence weapons, DRDO, various missiles developed by DRDO, etc.# It is also deeply examined the inherent traits like leadership quality, team spirit, ability to judgement etc.

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    Re: How can I prepare for the interview to join Indian Army?

    Hi friend,

    >>>If you thinks so you are not confident to clear SSB

    >>>Then there are lots of coaching centers that provides SSB coaching

    >>>So join some institute in your area

    >>>They will prepare you for SSB

    >>>They will increase your confident level plus they will provide the questions that are asked in SSB

    >>>Hope so this information helps you

    Thank You

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    Re: How can I prepare for the interview to join Indian Army?

    Hello Friend............

    First of all I would like to say Congrats.

    It is a Simple.No need to worry about the Interview.

    Here am giving Tips for Interview::

    1.You should Prepare well about your field.

    2.you should have a good Communication skills and attitude.

    3.you focus on their question give correct/relevent answer.

    4.for developing skills read english news paper daily and watch you tube vedios about Indian Army.

    5.you should have a confidence to face Interview.don't shiver while going interview.

    6.you should practise well.

    These are help to you..........

    All the best.............

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