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    How to increase height? How age affects height?

    How to increase the heights and how is the age limit affected. I am having the main problem of height with me which is hinderage in my way to join there.

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    Re: How to increase height? How age affects height?

    Friend, there are thousands of aspirants which have shorter height. Due to which they are unable to join the defence forces irrespective of excellent knowledge & good physique. Defence forces never dilute the fixed parameters for physical fitness. And height is also one of them parameters.Normally, the height of human being grow upto the age of 20 years. After the age of 20, height of human being does not grow. Height of a human being stops naturally after the age of 20 years.Generally, the height of a human being is genetic. It depends upon the genes. So it is obvious that the height of a person depends upon his parents or grand-parents.But a person can try upto the age of 20 years. You can go for some physical exercises, aerobic exercises and moreover go for Yogic postures like TADASHAN and BHUJANGHASHAN which may helps you for increase in height. But note that these above mentioned exercise does not do any miracle but only make marginal improvement in height.Note that there are so many other sector or field where you can make your bright & prosperous future.

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    Re: How to increase height? How age affects height?

    [FONT=Times New Roman][/FONT][FONT=Century Gothic]Dear Aspirant, you need to do regular exercises before youattain 20 years of age because as age increases, height stops increasing. Youshould skip rope everyday (more effective if done in mornings). Here justcomplain doesn’t matter you need to do exercises. If not so then when you wakeup and when you go to sleep at night, stretch your body pushing more stress toyour stomach towards outside. Also walk with your hands up by balancing on yourfoot. I think this much is sufficient if you take a good vitamin rich diet……..Hope this will help you out but also refer your health consultant for moreguidelines.[/FONT]
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