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    Joining Defence having week English language

    i am 12th pass out with pcm in 2009. my secord 65 % only. but my language week in english

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    Re: Joining Defence having week English language

    Hello friend

    There is no doubt that English is very important subjects to go in the defence sector.

    If you are week in this subjects then you will have to make it strong for the entrance exams.
    Because this subjects about one third of the paper.

    Following are the steps by which you can make it strong....

    Read newspaper regularly

    Join any english spoken coachin centres

    Do regular pracice of comprehension type questions.

    Make word power very strong by reguar study of dictonary.

    Solve previous years question papers.

    Hope you will surely get success in this subjects.


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    Re: Joining Defence having week English language

    Dear aspirant,
    Do not worry that your english is weak, try to make that good.
    Because by worrying about that you cannot make your english strong,
    English is the subject that comes into the examination like NDA,
    CDS and many more like that to apply for defence services.
    If you not clear those examination then you cannot go for the next step.
    So for making your english strong i am giving you some tips and tricks
    That makes your english far better in comparison to the current Position.
    Read carefully what i am trying to say.
    English is an language so it cannot be learned by only tricks you
    Need to make some efforts for that. as your mother language is hindi,
    nobody has tought you that how to speak hindi, you only grasped it from the environment around you.
    Similarly you can grasp the ways if your surroundings involves the english language, forget to learn grammar just learn the way by which
    person speak english.
    Most important thing required to speak english would be vocabulary,
    If your vocabulary is good then you can speak english very easily
    Because many people cannot speak the same because they dont have Words to speak.
    Try to read the english newspaper and find the meaning of the words Which you do not understand, that will solve your 50% problem.
    By that you can also see the improvement in the reading.
    Try to read the story books in english.
    You should not worry about the things that you cannot do the efforts.
    If you do it by dedication then you will see the change in yourself.
    listen to the english news channel and see how the people move their lips as this will help to make your personality.
    If you follow these things daily in your life then i am damn sure that You will improve effectively.
    For more details read newspapers.
    Thank you.

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    Re: Joining Defence having week English language


    * Read English Newspapers Daily

    * Have a English Dictionary with you always
    * Listen to English music
    * Watch English movies with wordings
    * Pronounce the each word properly
    * Talk in English with all your friends

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    Re: Joining Defence having week English language

    hi friend,
    it is noyt only your problem that your english is weak. But if you want to join defence, you will have to work very hard on it because you see english is an important part of almost all the exams. But poor english can be improved. If you study good books, practice english speaking with your friends, read english books and novel and newspapers and also watch englisg news channels then you can surely improve your english.
    I bet you, if you do exactly what i have said, you can have a very good command over english.

    So leave your fear and start preparing now.
    All the best!!!

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    Re: Joining Defence having week English language

    Hello friend,,

    Joining Defense Services needs some necessary eligibility requirements.

    You should be physically fit as well as mentally also.

    Should be a citizen of India.

    For appearing NDA exam, you need to finish 12th standard with Maths & Physics subjects.

    Whereas , for appearing CDS exam you need to be a graduate from any recognized University.

    Age limit for NDA examination should be between 16.5-19 years.

    For CDS examination should be between 19-24 years.

    Well, you must have communication skill too , because you'll be facing interview as well as English written exam.

    So you better learn some English books, Novels, Newspapers etc to develop fluency in English.


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    Smile Re: Joining Defence having week English language


    There is no problem if your English is weak. But do practice daily to improve your English skill.

    So that, in future you can face interview without any skill problem.

    Don't Worry..Most of having English problem.

    Try and Try....You will success....!!


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    Re: Joining Defence having week English language

    Friend can you joining Defence having week English
    Improve English tips

    English newspaper daily reading

    Talk English with all your friends

    English dictionary with you always

    English news wacting daily

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    Re: Joining Defence having week English language

    Friend, in order to perform well in the English section of written examination of NDA Examiation, candidate should follow the following tips which are mentioned below:# Make a special study of grammer. As it strengthen your basic foundation in english language.# Daily read the english newspaper. As it improves your vocabulary.# Daily reading of english newspaper helps you to learn the different ways of writing sentences.# For better study of english language, you should refer the books: * Arihant's Objective English * Pearson Guide to English by Showick Thorpe and Edgar Thorpe.

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    Re: Joining Defence having week English language

    Hi friend…

    National Defence Academy (N D.A) entrance exam has English subject as Part A. It has 200 marks .You should have good English understanding .It is bad thing that you have poor English, you can improve it by varies means and practices during exam preparation. Below some English improving practices are mentioned –

    · Try to understand meaning of each word of the English, It helps in clear understanding of English.
    · Improve English reading and listing habits.
    · You have to keep a specified time in a day for listing to news discussing programming such as NPR(National Public Radio) news or BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation ) .
    · At first time you may not get what they are pronouncing but you surely get brief idea about what they are telling .If you spend 20 -30 min per day ,its better.
    · Phonetic is better to improve pronunciation. Writing is one of the best ways to improve English.
    · You should speak English with friends .You should make friends and it is easy for you to rectify to mistakes.
    · Always keep a English Dictionary with you .A pocket dictionary is available ,it is portable to carry.

    GOOD LUCK....

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