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    Marks required to pass the NDA exam?

    Nda exam I want to pass kindly let me know that how much is the marks required to pass it?

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    Re: Marks required to pass the NDA exam?


    Well mate there are not any fixed passing marks for National Defence Academy . It all depends upon the level of competition and cut off marks. So, More you achieve more are the chances for you. If the exam is hard, cut off marks maybe less or vice versa. So it is not fixed at all.

    Good luck!
    Jai Hind!

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    Re: Marks required to pass the NDA exam?

    Dear Candidate

    Good and Nice
    But Here Do not Required 70% and 80% Marks for the NDA Exam.If You Passed Than You are Eligible To Appear The NDA Exam.That Means Do not Required Much Percentage Just Pass Marks Enough To Appear The NDA Exam.

    NDA Means National Defence Academy.This NDA Exam Is Conducting by The Union Public Service Commission Two Times in a Every year.For This NDA Exam The Following are The Eligibility Details.
    Should be Indian
    Only Males are Eligible
    Should be Completed the 12th With Pass Marks
    Age Should be between 16.5-19 Years
    These are the Eligibility Details

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    Re: Marks required to pass the NDA exam?

    Well there is no fixed marks to get pass in NDA exam.

    It is competitive exam so more you score more you get oppurtunity.

    NDA stands for National Defence Academy.


    This exam is conducted twice a year by UPSC (Union Public Service Comission)


    Through this exam you can join in following wings

    Indian Army

    Indian Airforce and

    Indian Navy

    Basically you must be an unmarried male candidate having Indian citizenship.

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    Re: Marks required to pass the NDA exam?

    Hai Friend............

    There is No Fixed Marks to get pass NDA Exam.

    If you get More marks you will get more opportunities.

    It is a Compitetitive exam .so you get more marks.

    NDA stands NAtional Defence Academy.It is organized by UPSC every year two times.

    NDA has three wings,


    Air Force,


    So Do hard work and reach your goal.

    All the best.............

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    Re: Marks required to pass the NDA exam?

    Hello Guest

    All the competition are not predictable because they are based on the basis of current performance , as how many students are appearing , what's the nature of paper , what's the highest correct answer sheet scorer, that all make a cut off for particular exam . In NDA generally you are scoring more than 300 marks then you can think that you are in . this is based on the previous entries made by the warriors. It's not confirmed but almost lies in this range.

    Hope this information helps you, please feel free to ask further

    thank you

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    Re: Marks required to pass the NDA exam?

    Hi dear Friend ----

    There is No Requirement of Marks or percentage

    you must complete the 12 th with Minimum Percentage of marks from a Recognized university

    But you Should concentrate on the Percentages well and It will leads in to the Peaks

    Coming NDA there is a PCM requirement for the Indian Navy as well as Indian Air force

    No Elective required for the Indian Army

    Try to do Hard work more and definitely you will have a Plenty of Opportunities

    If the Relative Applications are More then They will decide to put a High cut off

    Don't Try to look for the Cut off marks

    That is all

    All the very be

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    Re: Marks required to pass the NDA exam?

    similar to most fo the competitive examinations there is not predefined cutoff........it will depend upon relative performance of candidates.........but still based on the past cutoff score a rough estimation can be made.........
    if you get more than 400 marks then there is more than 95% chance that you will clear the exam............
    but you should aim to maximise your score because it plays a key role in merit after the ssb..........so don't aim for that minimum cutoff........
    instead aim as high as you can because it will only help you..................
    all the best

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