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    Maximum eye sight limit with specs to apply for UES Indian Navy?

    what is the max permissible limits for eye sight
    with spects in indian navy..tech entry..UES?
    waiting for your response
    thank you

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    Re: Maximum eye sight limit with specs to apply for UES Indian Navy?

    Friend, important facts and points regarding required eye sight for joining Indian defence forces are given below:

    # Vision of the candidate in good eye must be 6/6.
    # Vision of the candidate in worse eye must be 6/9.
    # In another way, the permissible limit in the degree of defect in eyesight is +3.0 only OR -3.0 only.
    # Candidate must not suffered from Colour Blindness and Night Blindness.
    # Also, candidate must not suffered from Glucoma, Cataract, Conjunctivitis etc.

    In case of any medico query, candidate should contact the well qualified Opthalmologist in this regard. There may be chances of correction in vision if the degree of defect is minor or not of high degree through the help of integrated treatment of Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy and Allopathy.

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