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    Method or exercise to overcome knocking knee problem?


    I've knocking knee problem. I just want to know , how i overcome from this problem.. My aim is to join defence force. And i'm preparing for that . And i'm sure that i'll get it ..

    But only fear about medical. Sir any method or exercise for this. . Because can't imagine myself without defence uniform.

    It is not only my dream. My passion. It is my life. And i want to live life.

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    Re: Method or exercise to overcome knocking knee problem?

    Hello ,

    Yes Buddy, you have a knee-knock. You can cure it. Take a pillow & put in between your legs while asleep. You can feel the difference after 15 days. You also have to sit in upright position & siting straight touch your toes without bending your knees. Both the exercises you have to perform simultaneously as then only you can see & feel the difference.
    do it for 15-20 regular days & better would be perform it for a course of 60 days.
    1st phase 10 days
    gap of 5 days
    2nd phase 20 days
    gap of 7 days
    3rd phase 10 days
    gap of 2 day
    4th phase 20 days.

    Your knee-knock is cured.

    Good luck!

    Jai Hind!

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