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    Pay scales of Armed Forces of India?

    what is the pay scale of the armed forces of the india

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    Re: Pay scales of Armed Forces of India?

    See , there are many jobs in INDIAN ARMY which are depend upon Different Qualifications

    ~ For the Post of JUNIOR COMMISSIONED OFFICER in INDIAN ARMY AS RELIGIOUS TEACHER , the Pay Scale is Rs. 9,300 - 34,000

    Qualification needed for the post : - GRADUATION and Qualified MADHYAMA in SANSKRIT / BHUSHAN in HINDI

    ~ For the post of LIEUTENANT , the Grade Pay is Rs.5,400

    ~ For the post of CAPTAIN , The Grade pay is Rs. 6,100

    ~ For the post of MAJOR GENERAL , the Grade pay is Rs. 10,000

    ~ For the post of COLONEL , the Grade pay is Rs. 8,700

    ~ For the post of MAJOR , the Grade pay is Rs.6,600

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    Re: Pay scales of Armed Forces of India?

    Pay scale;-

    for colonel;-

    9300-34000 with grade pay is 8500

    for major;-

    grade pay is 6500

    for captain;-

    grade pay is 10000

    thank you...........................

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    Re: Pay scales of Armed Forces of India?

    There are many job avialable in indian army about there qualities and education. and there pay scale are between 5000 to 35000 for lieutenant 5000, captian 6000 major 6500 colonel 8000 and general major 10000

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    Re: Pay scales of Armed Forces of India?

    the pay scale for armed forces is like this:-

    images (35).jpg

    in addition to this there are other allowances like:-

    >>kit maintenance allowance:-400

    >>transport allowance:-1600-3200

    >>flying pay:-9000.

    >>siachen allowance:-14000

    >>special forces:-9000.

    >>uncongenial climate:-5600.

    good luck....

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    Re: Pay scales of Armed Forces of India?

    Friend, in defence service salary does not matter much. Only thing that matter is job satisfaction and passion for service of nation. Pay scale of army officers are most charming and attractive. Army personnel are also provided the benefit of several allowances such as transport allowance, uncongenial climate, HRA, DA, gratuity etc. The pay band of captain, major & colonnel are 9300-34100 with grade pay plus MSP. The grade pay varies from 6500 to 10,000 from ranks to ranks.

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    Re: Pay scales of Armed Forces of India?



    pay scale depends on the armed persons rank given to them on the joining date.

    normally during the training the soldiers or officers would get a salary of minimum 15,000 per month with other allowances like quarters,csd,medical hospital, entertainment hall etc.

    once you joined in indian army,if you work for the nation,then the its army who look after your family.so you need to worry about your family member..

    and friend as your rank increases ,your pay also raises.so be loyal to your work and do the job with full dedication.

    ranking or way of entry depends on your qualification and for which post you had applied ,based on that you are getting that pay.

    notice=do not go for money purpose,you can get this by joining any private company..defense field are for those who are really want to do something for the nation,and are very serious about it.

    wish you good luck

    thank you

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