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    Proper information about physical and medical eligibility of CDS

    I want to take information about the physical and the medical elegibality for cds . Describe them proper otherwise, leave if you don't know.

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    Re: Proper information about physical and medical eligibility of CDS

    Hello friend

    As per the physical standards like running etc are not required in cds, yes you must be able to run other wise but on the selection basis there is no need of such physical parameters for selection.

    And about medical elligibility:

    # except army in both the indian air force and indian navy you are not allowed with specs.

    # for both you need to have 6/6 eye.

    * if going for ground duty in airforce then you are allowed .

    # bit in every case the specs no must not be more than .25 .

    # must not have any skin diseases.

    # must not be handicapped in any manner.

    # must not have any sexual problem,or disorders.

    # flat feet could be a problem sometimes.

    # the angle while joining arms as in straight amd in front of you must not exceed more than 45 between both the arms ,measured from your elbows.

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