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    Questions asked in UES Campus Interview?

    What type of questions are asked in the UES campus interview?

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    Re: Questions asked in UES Campus Interview?

    Hello ,
    The army visits almost all the decent colleges in India for the UES entry scheme .
    Even if the army doesnt come , the entry is always open for all the candidates from the engineering background
    and in their third year of engineering .
    There is Pre-SSB conducted in the campass of the colleges .
    There can be one or two officers who take the interview one by one .

    It is basic and standard interview which mostly starts with ::
    -- tell me something about yourself ?
    It should be answered in a general way telling about your parents , their occupation , where are you from ,
    any siblings , your hobbies , sports and all .

    The pre-SSB is just a filter test whether you are fit for the army . they generally test your communication skills
    and they keep conversing with you and make it very interacting .
    --> There are always few general awareness questions which are not very easy to answer .

    You should always brush up some recent events outside or inside the country.
    They might ask your opinion on some issue going on in the news recently .

    It is a freindly kind of a interview , not targeted to make pressure on the candidate , just to know the basics
    about the candidate .

    I was asked all this :::
    --> they may ask about freinds and what all do you do ?
    --> expect some questions on girl-freinds and all ?

    --> Hobbies (Note that : If you are asked about some hobbies , dont make them up there and then as you are always asked something
    regarding it
    --> Around 2-3 general awareness ques on Korea , myanmar etc .( I did not have much clue but still i was selected )

    Do not hesitate in answering anything , be yourself . Be confident .

    Thank you !

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