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    Salary paid to cadets in NDA?

    what is the monthly income of NDA candidate? Yes the SALARY of NDA?

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    Re: Salary paid to cadets in NDA?

    my dear friend if you are selected in NDA then till the time you remain in NDA( i.e. for 3 years) you will NOT GET ANY salary......
    your messing and staying all be completely world class and FREE. but there will not be any money given to you.....
    once you pass your three years at NDA and go to your respective training center(for airforce, AFA SECUNDERABAD. FOR NAVY INA, KERALA, FOR ARMY IMA DEHRADUN)
    then only you start getting the salary......so just remove the misconception that you are going to get any salary at NDA. what you would get there is world class facilities absolutely free........
    once you reach your training academy you will start getting a stipend of rupees 10000 and once you pass out from the academy and join defence your salary would start from around 60000(including all allowances)...

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