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    Time taken for receipt of SSB call letter of UES? Date of SSB interview?

    how many days before the call letter will come for the ssb interview for ues 23 ?? wen is ssb interview??

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    Re: Time taken for receipt of SSB call letter of UES? Date of SSB interview?

    generally the call letter reaches you around 15 days before the actual date of your exam but it cannot be guaranteed..sometimes there are [postal delays and sometimes it gets lost in transit............so you can check your ssb dates on the website www.joinindianarmy.nic.in and report to the alloted center on the specified date even if your call letter does not arrive..............the UES ssb interviews are generally conducted in january-march.........so just check you name and your ssb date on the website mentioned above and if the call letter reaches you its well and good but even if it does'nt just report to the center on specified date
    all the best for your ssb...........

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