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    Tips to score well in CDS examination

    Respected sir/madam,can you give me tips for CDS Exam ? I need it so that I can score well in this all india level exam where lacs of students appear for it.

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    Re: Tips to score well in CDS examination

    Hi Dear...

    CDS(combined defense Service) exam conducted by UPSC for Defense Sector jobs.

    Topic for CDS exam:
    General English
    General Awareness
    Verbal Ability
    Quantitative Aptitude
    Reasoning etc..

    To crack CDS exam all over India you need to be perfect in these topics to crack written exam.
    You should practice and Practice these topics.
    You better to take coaching in best institute for CDS exam, which helps you to crack the written exam easily.
    If you cannot afford to take coaching the dear you can learn by books
    or through internet also you can learn

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    Re: Tips to score well in CDS examination

    Quote Originally Posted by Kamlesh Prajapati View Post
    Respected sir/madam,can you give me tips for CDS Exam ? I need it so that I can score well in this all india level exam where lacs of students appear for it.
    Hello Mr. Kamlesh.
    You must refer to a book by Arihant Publishers titled " CDS Pathfinder " . You can prepare for the English and Maths part from that book. No other book is required.
    For GK as you know there is not a single book that can cover the wide syllabus of Gk. If possible read Science, Geography, Polity, Economics, history from the NCERT Books form classes 7th till 10th. If your basics are good then you may not find any trouble clearing the exam. Don't bother too much about it. Even If you do 50 Questions out of the 120 Questions in GK correct you will be able to clear the sectional cut off of GK with ease.

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    Re: Tips to score well in CDS examination

    Friend, to crack the CDS Examination is difficult but not impossible.Nothing is Impossible. As IMPOSSIBLE suggests I M POSSIBLEYou can follow following tips to score well in CDS Examination:-- Make a time table and follow it strictly-- Try to allocate time evenly for all sections of written examination.-- Try to devote little more time on subjects on which you are weak.-- Try to solve atleast one old question paper daily-- Daily read the newspaper for keeping yourself updated with latest current affairs-- For detailed current affairs & other study material, please read the following monthly magazines mentioned below: # Competition Success Review # Pratiyogita Darpan-- For english section, please study following books: # Pearson Guide to English for Competitive Examination # Arihant's Objective English # Arihant's English Learn Series-- For Mathematical section, following books are helpful: # Quicker Maths by M. Tyra # Quantitative Aptitude by R.S. Aggrawal-- For Reasoning Ability section, please study the books mentioned below: # An Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning by R.S. Aggrawal-- For General Studies, pleasw follow the following books: # Arihant's General Knowledge # Lucent's General Knowledge

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    Re: Tips to score well in CDS examination


    CDS Combined defence Service Examination.

    This exam is one of the best exam for the candidates who wish to join Indian defence field after the Graduation. The candidates If clear the CDS exam then eligible for the

    ** Indian Navy
    ** Indian Military
    ** Indian Air force

    In order to score well in the CDS exam you have to start from the preparing in the Graduation . the Exam will consists of the most of the subjects from the General knowledge and Also English. So you have to give importance to the General Knowledge where lot of the students weak.

    Exam Format

    English 100 Marks
    General Knowledge 100 Marks
    Elementary Mathematics 200 Marks

    You have to quick in the Mathematics Problems. Try to solve more problems from the different Books

    Make the Habit Of reading the daily news papers and familiar with current events. Apaprt from the preparing for the written exam you have to prepare for the Interview also.

    The Interview is also More Important . the good books for the CDS exam are



    Thank You

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    Re: Tips to score well in CDS examination

    Dear Friend.......

    Here am giving some use full tips to get good score in CDS examination.

    step1.Getting a grip on English and Maths these are most important subjects.

    step2.you should concentrate on time mangement.it is very useful while facing the problems.

    step3.the time allotted to slove each qus approximately 1 min.

    step4.Focusing on basic concepts will help you how to prepare CDS examination.

    step5.Refer the previous question papers and slove it these very use ful.

    step6.dont waste time to sloving simple questions.

    step7.Make a Good time table.Dont waste time,do hard work.

    step8.Take three revisions i.e,

    i.Detailed Study.while studying prepare Notes.

    ii.quick revisions.

    iii.refer notes.

    step9.you should read english papers,magzines,books these are help to improve your vocabulary.

    ***remember,once you clear the exam,you will get a prestagious uniform of the services.

    Best Books to Clear CDS exam::




    "Do Hard work reach your goal"

    Happy to help you........

    All the best........

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    Re: Tips to score well in CDS examination

    It is nice that you want to join CDS exam after graduation.

    to get high score in CDS exam, you will be apply these tips in your daily life;-

    As you know that CDS exam three papers ;-

    English, Elementary math and GK papers

    To crack this entrance exam,you should be able to answers the multiple question very quickly. There will be shortage of time so for quick reply

    Improve your GK, Current affairs and English
    cds.jpg pathfinder-for-cds-examination-a-complete-self-study-for-cds-examination-700x700-imad7nsmt8juym3.jpg
    to clear descriptive exam,you writing speed will be fast.

    you must follow best books generally NCERT books

    CDS exam consist three stages;-

    Written exam ,SSB interview and medical test

    I have uploaded previews year question papers.

    It will be helpful for you.

    All the best............

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    Re: Tips to score well in CDS examination

    CDS Preparation Tips

    It is bad for you that you have not qualified for the CDS exam Some thing going to be wrong with your study.

    You have to make the good preparation and study the good books .If possible the take the help of the seniors who have already attempt the exam.

    Try to sole more problems from the previous years question papers.

    >Make the Habit of Reading the toppers Interview in the Website here you will get the Idea of the preparation with the study and you can follow the steps which they have follow.

    >Daily read the at least Five hours for the exam and solve the question papers and Make the hard work in the good manner .It will benefit you.

    > Make the Good Note including you coaching Notes and also you books Notes .It will help for you make the Good Revision at Last time moment

    >Try to cool in the Exam because If you afraid then you can not remember the answers so be cool in the exam.

    >> Exam Will include :-

    ♦ General Knowledge

    ♦ English

    ♦ Mathematics

    Solve more problems for the Mathematics and For the General Knowledge read daily news papers and Articles.

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    Re: Tips to score well in CDS examination

    you can score well in CDS exam if you follow these tips:

    1. Prepare a strategy of studying with more time and preference to your weak subjects.

    2.Thoroughly read everydays newspaper and note down important points.

    3.practice hard on previous years papers.

    4.Try some mock tests to check your speed.

    5.Stay calm during the exam.

    Hope everything goes well. In this way, you can increase your selection chances.

    All the best!!!

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