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    Type of questions asked in SSB Interview?

    What type of question arises in ssb interview? I mean what type of question asked in ssb interview?

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    Re: Type of questions asked in SSB Interview?

    no one can exactly tell you what type of questions are asked in the SSB interview.

    You can get the questions from various SSB books available in the market.
    so you can use the following books for complete guidance-




    good luck

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    Re: Type of questions asked in SSB Interview?

    Hello my friend ,
    First I would like to appreciate your enthusiasm of joining the Indian Defence services .
    And if you have to join any of the Indian defence services as an cadre than you have to apply for some of
    Examinations .

    After passing the Applied examinations for the selection of cadre in the Indian Defence services you have to go for
    the SSB Rounds . The SSB Rounds are held for almost a weak exactly for 7 days .
    In the SSB Rounds almost 50% and more students are sent away on the first day itself .
    This is mainly due to the lack of self - confidence in this candidates .
    The SSB Rounds are passed by only those candidates who are self - confidence , understands self - reliance
    and have total confidence on oneself .

    The SSB Rounds are the toughest rounds or interview in the world to be passed .
    You need to be mentally and physically fit for this Rounds .
    In The SSB Rounds , first you are interviewed . In the Interview generally you are asked
    about yourself , your spoken English and fluency in language is tested to a large extent .
    And then a series of competition is conducted , your imaginary ant textual strength are
    examined . They would ask you question based on general knowledge whose answer should be one's and its answers
    should be spontaneous .

    The questions are not easy and you would be tempt to think whether my answer is correct or not but
    your reply should be spontaneous with your ideas only .
    The Questions are not same every time and no one knows what will be next coming to him .
    The officials are of higher knowledge and enjoys taking toll on the candidates .

    So prepare well , develop basic values in yourself and you will surely crack the SSB Rounds .

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    Re: Type of questions asked in SSB Interview?

    i want to book information for preparation for ssb

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