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    What is asked in SSB exam of TES? Detail information about SSB?

    what do they ask in a ssb exam of tes ? i dont know any thing about but i have a will power to join army or navy plz ive me detail information about ssb plz inform me as soon as possible

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    Re: What is asked in SSB exam of TES? Detail information about SSB?

    question asked in ssb
    >> what is your name and meaning and your father and mother name and meaning
    >> what is the difference of your old friends and ssb friends
    >> when you are alone what you will do
    information about ssb
    >> ssb (service selection board )
    >> the candidates are called as call letters during five days
    >screening test
    >psychological test
    >interview test
    >group testing officer
    >> screening test
    >1st verbal and non verbal test
    >picture perception
    >>psychological test
    >>thematic appreception test
    >.word association test
    >>situation reaction
    >>self description test

    all the best
    thank you

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