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    What can I do to join Navy having Permanent Tattoo on my Biceps?

    sir im very good in studies and my aim to join navy but one problem to me when i was in 8th standard i make parmanent tattoo in mah bisepes so now what can i do now im in 10+2 standard?

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    Re: What can I do to join Navy having Permanent Tattoo on my Biceps?


    I would like to tell you some facts regarding tattoos in Indian Defence Services.
    The most important fact is that Indian Defence Services don't support these tattoos since they increases the risk of Skin Disease such as skin cancer etc.
    Its not totally like that you will be sued for having a tattoo on your arm.
    The only place where you will lack behind will be in the medical test. You can be scored less in the medical test.
    But...Since its permanent you can't do anything about it now.

    So, I would suggest you to go for it. Now the only option for you is to go for it. Give your best!

    Good luck!
    Jai Hind!

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