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    What to do in SSB after NDA? Is NDA SSB different from others?

    what is to do in ssb after nda.............I have no info about the ssb after nda that it's diff from others?

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    Re: What to do in SSB after NDA? Is NDA SSB different from others?

    its is nothing different from the other SSB`s son.
    just as a matter of fact it is a bit easier compared to the other SSB`s.
    SSB is a 5-6 days procedure,
    mainly comprising of psychological tests , Group tests, personal interview and conference.
    i would suggest you to go through Upkar publication SSB interviews book. so that you get every minute detail of the SSB procedure even you will be able to prepare for the same from the same book itself.
    good luck buddy!
    jai hind

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