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    What is the meaning of "UES(pfy),TGC,SSCW(T),SSC(T)" option in application form?

    respected sir,
    in the application form first question .UES(pfy),TGC,SSCW(T),SSC(T) means what sir.am doing my B.E cse final year. sir. and am i a first girl to join in indian army in my family. so i want a understandable answer .and which of this i can choose from the first question ... thank u

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    Re: What is the meaning of "UES(pfy),TGC,SSCW(T),SSC(T)" option in application form?


    All the names that you mentioned are the different entries in Indian Army.

    --UES(pfy)-stands for University Entry Scheme(Pre Final Year).
    It is a engineering entry, for the engineering candidates for those who are studying in the pre final year of their engineering course,i,e is in third year.
    This entry is only for male candidates.

    --TGC-stands for Technical Graduate Course-it is also a engineering entry,for the candidates who have completed their degree or either studying in final year of degree.
    This entry is for male candidates only.

    --SSC(T)-stands for Short Service Commission(Technical)-it is also a engineering entry for the degree holders and for the final year candidates of engineering.
    This is also for male candidates only.

    --SSCW(T)-stands for Short Service Commission Women(Technical)-it is same as SSC(T),only difference is it is for female candidates only.

    You can apply for SSCW(T) only,for entry in army.
    Also there is CDSE in which you can apply.

    You visit the website of army for more details.

    The entry of women in defence is comparatively difficult to that of boys.
    You have one entry as engineer SSCW(T),but also have entry possible through CDSE.

    A old notification of CDSE is uploaded for your reference.
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    Re: What is the meaning of "UES(pfy),TGC,SSCW(T),SSC(T)" option in application form?

    i am a graduate art girl and 12th pass with 64percent by
    art can i will be join nda army or any other army post
    please advise me

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