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    What is suitable among AFA , IMA and OTA for Mechanical engineer?

    I have completed my b tech in me stream..
    which field will be suitable for me, among the listed below?
    afa, ima or ota.

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    Re: What is suitable among AFA , IMA and OTA for Mechanical engineer?

    It depends on you that in which feild you like to go as evrybody have their capabilities and they understand that themselve better than any other person, so try to think that in which field you like to go as the eligibility criteria for each of them i am providing you, see that carefully.
    As you said that you are a mechanical engineer candidate so you can apply for any of the defence branch as you have physics and maths with you.
    For that you need to apply for the CDS examination to apply for any of them.
    -if you like to apply for indian air force academy and indian naval acdemy then you must have completed engineering or graduation with physics and maths.
    -if you like to apply for the indian army then you need to have graduation in any discipline.
    age limits are as follows-
    -19 to 22 years of age for NA.
    -19 to 23 years of age for AFA.
    -19 to 24 years of age for IMA.
    -19 to 25 years of age for OTA is required.
    selection procedure is as follows-
    written test
    ssb interview
    medical examination.
    for more details log on to www.upsc.gov.in
    thank you.

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    Re: What is suitable among AFA , IMA and OTA for Mechanical engineer?


    All the field you mentioned are good for you,you are eligible for all three,it is up to you which one to go for.
    Although both IMA and OTA are entry in army and there is not much of application of mechanical engineer in army.

    Among that you are good for AFA,you will find work as per your subject.
    IMA although do have some sense with mechanical engineer,OTA also have some.But among all three AFA is the best in terms of your subject.

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    Re: What is suitable among AFA , IMA and OTA for Mechanical engineer?

    Hello guest
    After completing your B.tech in Mechanical engneering, you want to join Defence.
    But, in AFA, IMA and OTA, it depends upon you that inwhich field, you want to join the defence.
    For this, you have to qualify the CDS exam which is conducted by the UPSC twice in the year.
    The application forms are available in the month of may and october.
    The minimum eligibility for applying in this exam is graduation from a recognized university.
    And the age limit is-
    19-22 years for NA.
    19-23 years for AFA.
    19-24 years for IMA.
    19-25 years for OTA.
    For qualifying the exam, you will be called for the interview, that is proceed for 5 days.
    For more info, go to the website.
    i hope the information help you for solve this problem.
    Good bye

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