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    Whether a year drop allowed for TGC or not?

    I have had a year drop in my 2nd year of engg. I have read a lot of threads saying that "Year drop is not allowed in TGC" .But in the PDF Notification of TGC, I do not find any clause saying that Year drop is not allowed.So could someone give me a confirmed answer as to if a year drop is allowed in TGC or not?

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    Re: Whether a year drop allowed for TGC or not?

    there`s no defined rule for that but there is a very low chance to make it in the short list procedure and being called for SSB.
    because not all the applicants are called for SSB
    once u apply for TGC all the applications are shortlisted based on your graduation marks percentages backlogs your HSC and SSC qualifications and the aggregates.
    then of total candidates thrice number of candidates to that of number of vacancies will be called for ssb`s
    so a years drop will severely impair your chances to atleast make it to the 1st stage of selections even.
    so my hearty suggestions dont drop a year.
    good luck
    JAI HIND!!!

    CWO.Pranith Sarma Chandrapati.

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