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    Why Indian Army Officers use Army for personal home work?

    my friend he is in army and he is haivng duty in jammu but officer took him to Delhi for personal home work,i hurd there is no good healthy food, they will purchase very poor quality vegitables,there is no new technology weppens, see china is having more powerfull weppens than india, why we are still laaging behind, china manufacture fighter planes but we dont, yearly many youth will leave army, i dont think in other countries they treat army like this, US army they treat all rank army are same not like us Gulamgiri plicy. just i wanted to Chaina became too power ful in army including wepens and all, please try to improve our wepens , even i hurd our air orce is also not good,we are haing very old firhter planes.

    finally i just wanted to say we trust our indian army but dont break our trust,respect each other.

    Jai Hind.

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    Re: Why Indian Army Officers use Army for personal home work?

    Friend, it is good to know that you have deep concern regarding your country. As you said in your query that China is developing day by day. But don't forget that Indian is also working to strengthen his defence by spending the major portion of budget on defence sector every. Today, India is capable to face successfully any invasion from enemy.Moreover, our soldiers of Indian army are fully capable to face and tackle any threat or danger to our country. Our soldiers are performing their duties very efficiently. As you said that some soldiers are engaged in home of their officers and their living of standard is poor. In that case, they should bring their matter in the notice of their higher officials.

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