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    Why are so many Indian Army officers are corrupt?

    1.Many cases of jawans shooting indian army officers in anger happens why?
    2.VK Singhs grandfather was in army then his father and now vk singh himself is in army,so will it be vk singhs son the next army chief? army is a family affair or what?
    3.why does majority of army officers sons and daughters become army officers easily and others have to keep struggling and they get never selected and they have to choose some other career?
    4. why does army lie that Abdul Kalam and amitab bacchan and shahrukh came for ssb?
    5.If selection is so much transparent then why so many wrong things happening in army? for eg. ardash scam,jawan shoots officer, army officer says to jawan to polish his shoes,,land scam etc.
    6. How come only army officers sons and daughters are 1st in merit list?
    7. If a officer has two sons then both of them become army officers? Why are army officers childrens so much talented then others?
    8.Vk singh himself has increased his age and wants to be army chief for one more year. Such a true person as army chief then god knows what his juniors will do?

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    Re: Why are so many Indian Army officers are corrupt?

    well thats a very difficult question to answer on this site

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    Re: Why are so many Indian Army officers are corrupt?

    Dear Friend,

    There is nothing like that , you might think that Army Officers are corrupt thats not right.Although they have a attitude like this that persons misconcept about them.

    There are many reasons why you feel such so about Army officers:-

    =>From the starting they are trained in a such a atmosphere that they are so tough being growing up
    =>They are so strong from inside that they you consider them as angry
    =>They have the resposibility to protect the nation so they are not so emotional as we being are

    So clear your misconceptions about army officer , they are not so bad.

    Answers to some of your Questions which i can provide are as::

    Ans 1.Army officers are training to fight with anger while shooting if dont have courage or anger they won;t Shoot.

    Ans 2.This is the tendency of an Officers or they want thier children to be in Army as in Case of VK Singh there is no such a special case

    Ans 3.They are grown and brought uo in such a atmosphere from childhood that they would'nt face any difficulty for being selected

    Ans 4.They wont lie , this is happened in reality (Persons when ther are not famous led to a ordinary life.)

    Ans 5.Controversies is a part of daily life if such scandals happen we are not going to blame Army.

    Ans 6.They are in 1st Merit List due to their own capability & they know well about Selection criteria as compared to ordinary people.They are grown up in such a atmosphere that they can easily cop up with selection Pattern

    Ans 7.They are from childhood more Disciplined, Regular , Medical fit , Fitness Freak & have their mind set to get selected as a officer only.

    Ans 8.He Does't want such so this by mistake his D.O.B is different in his documents , will not affect Juniors as Army has a strict rules.

    I think you might have understood my Mind set and a\expecting you to respect Army Officers not to blame they have the big responsibilities to protect the nation , if some little mistakes commited by them its our duty to forgive them .

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